The way one views the world affects the kind of questions asked and the form of answers accepted as explanations. Questions and answers pertaining to the practice of management are closely related to the interrelationship between strategy, structure and systems. The quality, efficiency and effectiveness of this relationship depend on our ability to understand the essential elements of the world of business and management - which can be unraveled easily by a strategic perspective and systems approach.

Strategy, structure and systems; namely 3S, coupled with corporate culture, management style and organizational behavior enables flexible and controllable business processes and sound decision making. MCV methodology - by developing focused and balanced critical success factors and integrating enablers throughout the organization via management system engineering - yields effective decision making and smooth execution.

What is management? Is it directing, planning, coordinating and controlling seemingly disparate functions activities, processes as a whole. Is it a matter of system as well as style? Is it about people management, leadership and human relations? Is it an art or a science? Is it both? Whatever the tenets of management are, they must answer these questions:

  • Where is our business going?
  • Where is everybody (e.g. the world) going?
  • How healthy is our business?
  • How good is my corporation?
  • How well is my management?
  • How can we manage and govern the organizaton better?

MCV provides a fresh eye to answer the a/m questions.

Demir E. Fansa
Founder & Director

Demir Fansa is the founder and director of MCV and a part-time faculty member of the MBA program at The Graduate Business School of Istanbul Bilgi University. Fansa has over thirty years of entrepreneurship, management and consulting experience in over twenty industries; and holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering (Bosphorus – Boğaziçi- University) and a MS degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering – Operations Research - (University of Florida). He continues to practice in the academia and industry as a management consultant, an adjunct faculty member and an entrepreneur.